For a few years I played around with trying to be still and focusing with not so great results. Last year I studied with Grant and what a week it was. I truly loved every minute. I had been putting so much effort in trying to get somewhere – when all I had to do was be here.
I practice twice a day – the stillness, energy, acceptance and gratitude that I carry through my day has been so instrumental in my own Personal growth and the growth of my business.

Cameron Gerrie – PT & Wellness Coach.

I have never been so into anything in my life, so interested and eager to learn. I guess for the first time in a long time it’s because I was giving back to myself and doing something for me.
Everything seems to be falling into place, my stars are aligning. I have clarity in all aspects of my life both personally and professionally. I have so much more energy. My stress levels have completely diminished, I have the most amazing sleeps, I am happy all the time, my relationships with my family and friends have become stronger and most importantly my relationship with myself has blossomed.
The only thing I regret is not doing this meditation course earlier, it has changed my life for the better.

Sally Brown – Director at Tailor Maid PR.

Since learning to meditate I’ve experienced less anxiety, more deep relaxation, peace and joy. I’ve also had physical pain leaving my body.I feel so much better in my spirit and feel connected to those around me on a deep level. Many of my family members now meditate and it’s lovely doing it with them.

Monique Edgecombe – Mother of 2, nurse, & rehab councilor.

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One of the most common things I hear from people I meet is that they wish they could return to the innocence and wonder of their childhood days. That they long for a time when life was simple, uncomplicated and stress-free. When they woke from the night’s sleep and launched out of bed – excited to see what the day had in store for them! A time when the greatest joy could be found in the simplest of daily discoveries.

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FREE introductory session 6.30pm this Wednesday

Embarrassed young woman with fail gesturePeople often ask me if there are any handy tips or tricks to remembering peoples names better. That they enjoy the clarity, intelligence and energy that meditation brings, but they still feel embarrassed because that lovely mum who smiles at them in the school yard has remembered their name since day dot but they are forever fumbling for theirs… or the guy who makes your morning coffee knows your name and plenty about your life but you cannot for the life of you, no matter how many times you get told, remember his name! 

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I’m sorry but I can’t remember your name!
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Hi Everybody,

I’m very excited to announce another great meditation workshop with the guys at Work-Shop.

It’s a great chance to learn about the benefits of meditation as a super effective tool to help us keep an even keel & to not become overwhelmed by our busy day-to-day lives.

Not to mention it’s in a great space that the lads at Work-Shop have created in Chippendale. So much great community & creative work happens there.

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Silent Source Meditation at Work-Shop

I trust you’re all enjoying a rolling start to the year! I cannot believe that we’re already a third of the way through it! This Sunday is our first group meditation for 2015.

Come along and enjoy an enhanced experience of your practice by meditating in a group. It’s a great chance for those who may have lapsed with their practice to pick it up again & move back into regularity with ease.

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Our First Group Meditation for 2015

It’s been a while. I’ve been super busy growing my family and bringing meditation into all types of exciting areas. As well as launching my new project, “Busy Dads”.

18 weeks ago my 3rd child arrived & we are chuffed to have a divine little girl. Winter Gray Lyndon, is the apple of my eye and gets spoilt rotten and doted upon by her two brothers.

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Refresher Course, Group Meditation and more…